My Objectives

  • » Earn the trust of the city through ethical and visible motions and choices.
  • » Monitor and ensure budgetary expenses are also visible to city residents.
  • » Work with council and residents to see that sustainable growth can be a priority for Chestermere's economy.
  • » Work with council and residents to get to some practical results on our recreation center options.
  • » Propose to have a reoccurring meeting in “city hall meetings” to discuss community impacted topics.
  • » Work together with our policing service to increase our safety.
  • » Proper decisions when it comes to development.

Why I want to be on your City council

I love chestermere. I remember the reason why I wanted to call it home. It felt away from the tensions of our neighbors. For the last few years its undeniable that we`ve all seen a dramatic rise in the strain on the trust of the citizens and its council. I want to change that. I love chestermere. So much so that I want to run for Your city council and work to be apart of a team that wants to dedicate itself to ethical transparent government and working to earn the trust of this community. I have been fortunate in my life to experience success in my limousine business which allows me to have the freedom to give this city a “full-time” electorate. My experience as a police officer with the city of Calgary showed me how to build success with the public through openness and compassion. My experience as a business owner and entrepreneur has showed me keys of success through careful budgeting and intelligent choices. I would be honored to have a sit down coffee with any resident of chestermere to have that one-on-one time to hear Your concerns and Your solutions.

What is transparency to me?

Transparency to me is building trust in the community by understanding from the errors and repairing them through solution. I have heard many members of the community talk of injustices felt regarding alleged actions of the previous city council. I agree that we should all feel disappointed in the result. I also agree that we work as a community and pull through to change this disappointment and outcome. We learn from our mistakes as a community and we band together to fix them. I feel so strongly that the pride I have in my community and the fine people that I call neighbor can come together and trust council body again.

Recent Event

Meet and Greet with Greg Amoruso

Saturday, Between 2PM to 4PM at Starbucks 101 Marina Drive, Chestermere

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